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Stainless Steel Pin

Pins are essential fasteners used in various applications to secure, align, or connect different components. They come in diverse types, each designed for specific purposes. Cotter pins, snap pins, special pins, and spring lock pins are notable variants used in mechanical and industrial settings.

Cotter pins, also known as split pins or cotter keys, are commonly used to secure bolts and nuts. They have a unique design with two tines that are split and bent during installation, preventing the pin from slipping out. Cotter pins are widely used in automotive, construction, and machinery applications.

Snap pins, also referred to as spring pins or self-locking pins, feature a spring-loaded mechanism that allows them to snap into place securely. These pins are quick and easy to install, making them suitable for applications where efficiency is crucial. Snap pins find applications in automotive assemblies, machinery, and equipment.

Special pins encompass a wide range of designs tailored to specific requirements. They can include dowel pins, groove pins, and other custom configurations. Dowel pins, for instance, are precision-engineered cylindrical pins used for the accurate alignment of components in machinery and tooling.

Spring lock pins, as the name suggests, utilize a spring-loaded ball mechanism to secure the pin in place. These pins are quick-release and provide a reliable locking mechanism. Spring lock pins are commonly employed in quick-change applications, such as in agricultural equipment and manufacturing processes.

Overall, the selection of pins depends on the specific needs of a particular application. Factors such as load capacity, ease of installation, and resistance to environmental conditions play a crucial role in determining the appropriate type of pin for a given task. The versatility and reliability of pins make them fundamental components in the assembly and maintenance of machinery and structures across various industries.

Specification of Pins

Size : Customized

Packaging Type :Box

Packaging Size :Customized

Surface Finishing: : Polished

Minimum Order Quantity:1000 Piece

Tolerance:+/- 1%

Head Shape: Round

Material :Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Nickel Alloy, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel

Available Types of Pins

Cotter Pins

Cotter Pins

Cotter Pins

Snap Pins

Snap Pins

Snap Pins

Special Pins

Special Pins

Special Pins

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