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Furniture Screw

Furniture screws are essential components in the assembly of various types of furniture, providing stability and structural integrity. These screws come in a variety of materials, each offering unique properties suited for specific applications. The most common materials for furniture screws include stainless steel, carbon steel, high nickel alloys, and sometimes a combination of materials for enhanced performance.

Stainless steel screws are widely used in furniture manufacturing due to their excellent corrosion resistance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The resistance to rust and corrosion ensures the longevity of the furniture, especially in environments with high moisture levels.

Carbon steel screws are another popular choice for furniture assembly. They are known for their strength and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. However, carbon steel is more susceptible to corrosion than stainless steel, so it's often coated with protective layers to enhance its resistance to environmental factors.

High nickel alloy screws offer a combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. These screws are often used in furniture that may be subjected to extreme conditions, such as outdoor furniture or items near heat sources.

In some cases, furniture screws may be made from a combination of materials to leverage the strengths of each. For example, a screw with a stainless steel core and a carbon steel coating may provide the benefits of both materials.

The choice of material for furniture screws depends on factors such as the intended use of the furniture, environmental conditions, and the desired level of durability. Manufacturers often consider these factors to ensure that the screws used in furniture assembly meet the necessary standards for quality and performance, providing consumers with reliable and long-lasting products.

Specification of Furniture Screw

Standard & Specifications : IS, DIN, BS, ASTM, IS 4190, ISO, JIS, GB

Length :3 mm to 200 mm

Size :M02 to M33

Finish : zinc plated(clear/bule/yellow), black/grey phosphate,nickel, ruspert

Tolerance:+/-0.01mm to +/-0.05mm

Type:Furniture Screw, Flat Head Furniture Screw, Furniture Cabinet Screws, Countersunk Furniture Screw, Square Head Furniture Screws, Hex Head Furniture Screw

Material :Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Nickel Alloy, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel

Available Types of Furniture Screws

Flat Head Furniture Screw

Flat Head Furniture Screw

Flat Head Furniture Screw

Break Machine Screw

Break Machine Screw

Break Machine Screw

Hex Head Furniture Screw

Hex Head Furniture Screw

Hex Head Furniture Screw

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