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Sanghvi Overseas is a leading manufacturer, supplier, stockist and exporter of Gaskets in Mumbai, India. We manufacture these gaskets in different materials grades, standards, sizes, specifications, etc. and also customize in various specifications as per the requirements of our customer in accordance with national and international quality standards. A Gasket is sealing equipment positioned between the connecting flanges to create a permanent seal that will maintain the leakage proof sealing under all operating conditions. Various forms of gaskets are utilized to obtain leak proof sealing between the pipe flanges. The main purpose of gaskets is to seal the irregularities on each face of the flange so that the service fluid from the flange joint will not leak. All our gaskets are available in sizes ranging from 1/2" TO 144". These Gaskets have pressure ratings ranging from 150# to 2500#.

There are three types of gaskets used in process piping these are Non-Metallic, Metallic and composite. These are available in both ready cut gaskets and custom gaskets sizes. Non-Metallic gaskets are commonly made using materials like Graphite, Rubber, Teflon, Ceramic, Glass-Reinforced Epoxy (GRE), Phenolic, Cork, Mylar, PTFE, Compressed Asbestos Fiber (CAF) and Compressed Non-Asbestos Fiber (CNAF). These gaskets are also known as a Soft gasket and can be availed in two type’s full face or inside bolt circle type. Non-Metallic gaskets can easily compress with low tension bolting and are used with low-pressure class flanges such as 150 and 300 Class and also in low-temperature. Graphite gasket, however, can be used up to 500 Degree centigrade. Rubber and elastomer gaskets are not used in services related to hydrocarbons but used in utility lines. Non-Metallic gaskets are cheap as compared to metallic or composite gaskets and easily available.

Gaskets Round Bars & Rods

Shims Flange Insulating Kits, Spiral Wound Gasket With Outer Rings, Industrial Gaskets, Ready Cut/Customs Gasket Available In Metallic (Ferrous And NonFerrous) Non Metallic (CAF, CNAF, TEFLON, CERAMIC), Dealer of SPW Gaskets, Gasket Stockholder in Mumbai.

Metallic Gasket are available in both ferrous and non- ferrous materials. The most common materials to manufacture Metal gaskets are Soft iron, Low Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, and Inconel. They are also known as ring joint gasket or RTJ gaskets. Metallic gaskets are used in flanges of high-pressure rating, typically over 900 Class, they may also be used for high-temperature applications. If we use metallic gaskets, high-tension bolting is necessary. They are very sturdy and costly compared to non-metallic and composite gasket. Composite gaskets represent a combination of metal and non-metal material. Different types of material combinations are possible based on the demand for service.

Spiral Wound Gasket, Metal Jacketed, and Kamprofile Gasket are well recognized in the group of composite gasket. They are used in a broad variety of services for pressure and temperature. Composite gaskets are cost-effective relative to metal gaskets, but they need cautious handling. Composite gaskets are utilized on male-female, raised face, and tongue-and-groove flanges. Virtually all sectors, including food processing, petrochemical, pharmacy, water and gas, use gaskets. Gasket materials are chosen for their properties and capacity to survive a variety of conditions such as mining and deep sea, chemical resistance, alkaline acids, high temperatures,and pressure. Gaskets are common used components and can be found in electrical equipment, pumps, cars, trains, planes, boats, etc.

A gasket material provides the capacity to resist some of the most difficult environments for industrial sealing products, these include Chemical processing, Power generation, Petrochemical and Deep Sea, Oil & Gas, Mining, Military and Aerospace. They also offer sanitary sealing solutions and are extensively used in Filtration, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical and Sanitary process industries.

Our valued clients appreciate these products for their outstanding characteristics such as high strength, dimensional accuracy and resistance corrosion. We supply and stock all these Gaskets in various standard sizes, dimensions, thickness, types, specifications and also manufacture them in customized specifications as per the requirements of various industries at the most reasonable prices. At Sanghvi Overseas, our broad variety of gaskets are improvised to design and manufacture seamlessly through the usage of the advanced technology. As well-known manufacturers of gaskets our gaskets undergo extensive testing and are certified according to different industry standards as well as environmental and safety regulations. These Gaskets are checked on different parameters to make sure dimensional precision, longer working life and resistance to corrosion. Because of its optimal efficiency, the Gaskets offered by us are highly accepted by our clients around the world.

Specification of Gaskets

Size Range : 1/2" TO 144"

Pressure Rating : 150# TO 2500#

Available Types of Gaskets

Gaskets 200/201 Round Bars

Spiral Wound Gasket Without Rings

Spiral Wound Gasket Without Rings

Spiral Wound Gasket Without Rings, Gaskets Pressure Rating 150# TO 2500#, SWG Rings, Gaskets, Gaskets Supplier, SWG without Ring Exporter.
Gaskets 200/201 Hex Bars

Spiral Wound Gasket With Outer Rings

Spiral Wound Gasket With Outer Rings

Spiral Wound Gasket With Outer Rings, Gaskets Pressure Rating 150# TO 2500#, SWG With Outer Rings, Gaskets Supplier, SPW Exporter.
Gaskets 200/201 Flat Bars

Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Rings

Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Rings

Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Rings, Gaskets Pressure Rating 150# TO 2500#, Spiral Wound Gasket With Inner Rings Supplier, Gasket Exporter.

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