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Shims, Springs and Circlips

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Shims, springs, and circlips are essential components in various mechanical and engineering applications, each playing a distinct role in ensuring the functionality and integrity of the systems they are incorporated into.

Shims are thin, flat pieces of material designed to fill gaps or spaces between two surfaces. Commonly made from metal, plastic, or composite materials, shims are utilized to adjust the alignment, reduce wear, or eliminate play in machinery. They are crucial in achieving precision and maintaining the proper tolerances within mechanical assemblies. Shims find applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing, where precision and alignment are paramount.

Springs are elastic components that store mechanical energy when deformed and release it when the force is removed. They come in various shapes and sizes, including coil springs, leaf springs, and torsion springs. Springs are employed in a multitude of devices and systems, serving functions such as shock absorption, tension, compression, and maintaining contact between components. The automotive sector extensively uses springs in suspension systems, while smaller springs are prevalent in everyday items like watches and pens.

Circlips, also known as retaining rings or snap rings, are fasteners used to secure components onto shafts or in bores. These circular metal clips feature open ends that can be snapped into place, providing a reliable and cost-effective method of axial retention. Circlips are prevalent in automotive applications, ensuring that bearings, gears, and other components remain securely in position. Their ease of installation and versatility make them indispensable in various mechanical systems.

Specification of Ball Bearing Assemblies

Shims Thicknesses : 0.001", 0.002", 0.003", 0.004", 0.005", 0.010", 0.015", 0.020", 0.025", 0.050", 0.075", 0.100" and 0.120".

Spring Thickness t(mm) : 0.15. 0.2. 0.25. 0.3. 0.4. 0.45. 0.6. 0.7. 0.8. type. BWW.

Spring Inner Dia. d(mm) : 8.8. 12.7. 14.5. 19.5. 20.9. 23.5. 26.4. 29.8. 30.1. 33.7. 38.5. 47.2. 61.3. 64.2. 79.3. 88.9. 95.8. 108.3. 112.4.

Spring Outer Dia. D(mm) : 2.8. 18.1. 24.8. 26.9. 28.5. 30.5. 33.9. 38.3. 40.6. 45.5. 60.2. 70.5. 77.8. 83.7. 88.5. 98.8. 108.9. 118.9. 128.3.

Circlips Size Range : 3mm to 130mm

Unstressed Tolerance : +0.5 -0.25mm

Available Types of Ball Bearing Assemblies




A shim is a thin piece of material, usually tapered or wedged, that is used to fill in tiny crevices or gaps between items.



Designed to be utilised as a holding spring with radial ball bearings, ball bearing disc springs, also known as ball bearing washers, lessen vibration and shaft deflection.



To stop lateral movement, use circlips. They are made of semi-flexible metal ring and are used as retention rings on bearing assemblies.

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