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Profiled Rollers

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Profiled rollers are specialized components used in various industrial applications for conveying, guiding, and supporting materials or products along a predetermined path. These rollers are designed with specific profiles or contours on their surfaces, tailored to the unique requirements of the application. The profiles can vary widely, ranging from simple curves to more intricate shapes, depending on the intended function.

One common use of profiled rollers is in conveyor systems. These rollers are strategically positioned to control the movement of materials, ensuring smooth and efficient transportation within a production or distribution facility. The profiles on the rollers can be customized to match the shape of the conveyed items, preventing misalignment or product damage during the conveying process.

In manufacturing processes where precision is crucial, profiled rollers play a vital role. They are employed to guide materials through intricate production stages, such as in printing, paper processing, and textile industries. The precision-engineered profiles on these rollers contribute to maintaining consistent product quality and reducing downtime.

Another application of profiled rollers is in web handling systems, where they are utilized to manage the movement of continuous webs of materials, such as paper, film, or textiles. The profiles on these rollers assist in controlling tension and alignment, ensuring that the web moves smoothly through various processing stages without wrinkling or skewing.

The construction of profiled rollers involves durable materials such as steel, aluminum, or engineering plastics, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Precision machining techniques are employed to create the desired profiles with accuracy and consistency.

Specification of Profiled Rollers

Inner Diameter : 5 mm to 40 mm

Outer Diameter : 16 mm to 98 mm

Profile Diameter : 4 mm to 40 mm

Temperature : -30°C to 90°C

Effective Dynamical Bearing Load Rate : 1.2 KN to 54.8 KN

Effective Statical Bearing Load Rate : 0.86 KN to 29 KN

Available Types of Profiled Rollers

Straightening Roller

Straightening Roller

Straightening Roller

Straightening rolls are used to remove flaws like bends and deformation that might happen during production or during use, leaving a bar or tube absolutely straight.
Profiled Track Roller

Profiled Track Roller

Profiled Track Roller

The tracking roller's main function is to simply maintain the belt's trajectory. Conveyor belt mistracking is one of the most frequent causes of conveyor stoppages.
Forming Rolls

Forming Rolls

Forming Rolls

kind of rollers used in rolling that involves continuously bending a long sheet metal strip into the desired cross-section, usually made of coiled steel.

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