SS Braided Hoses

Are you ever overwhelmed by the large selection of SS braided hoses? You are not alone. With many variables, from different materials to unique designs, making the right decision can be difficult for even a seasoned professional. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of specific needs, you can ensure that your choice is informed. In this blog post, we will discuss the various SS braided hoses available today, exploring their characteristics in-depth and helping you choose the best hose for your application purposes. Read on as we delve into details about fittings, material choices and designs to help make your purchase easiest as possible.

What are SS Braided Hoses?

SS Braided Hoses are usually made with a metallic reinforcement of stainless steel wire. This reinforcement gives the hoses strength and pressure rating, making them ideal for hydraulic and gas applications. SS Braided Hoses pipe also offer resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion while providing flexibility for easy installation in tight spaces or enclosed systems. Additionally, they provide superior durability due to their excellent elasticity and tensile strength. Their superior characteristics make them perfect for heavy-duty industrial use such as automotive fuel lines, agricultural machinery components, water pumps etc.

Choose the right Stainless Steel Braided Hose

Single braided hoses –

Single braided hoses are constructed with a reinforced inner hose wrapped in an outer layer of protective braiding for added durability and strength. This type of hose is designed for applications like hydraulic systems, fuel delivery, and air conditioning lines, where flexibility and resistance to chemical breakdowns are important. Single-braided hoses can often be used instead of double-braided alternatives since the single layer provides enough pressure tolerance and safety. They’re also typically more lightweight than their counterparts, allowing users to reduce installation time.

Double braided hoses –

Double braided hoses are hoses with two layers of reinforcement. The first layer is a conventional hose wrapped in a second layer of high-tensile stainless steel wire braid. This double-braiding technology results in superior performance and greater pressure capacity than traditional rubber or braid-reinforced hoses, which makes them the ideal choice for demanding applications. They also offer increased flexibility and durability due to their unique construction – while the internal hose remains unaffected by external conditions, the external stainless steel mesh offers extra protection against abrasion, corrosion and temperature extremes. Furthermore, double-braided hoses can handle up to twice the operating pressure of single-braided varieties – making them an excellent option for higher-pressure hydraulic systems.

Close-pitch braided hoses –

Close-pitch braided hoses are flexible components in a hydraulic system which permit bends and turns within the hose’s design. These hoses feature very closely arranged reinforcing strands that help provide superior pressure performance and increased flexibility. They are ideal for applications requiring frequent or tight bending, such as those found in robotics, machine tools, agricultural machinery, automotive equipment, aircraft, and other mobile units. Benefits include improved flexibility over standard hoses and reduced abrasion resistance due to its smaller helix angle. Additionally, they increase cycle life; reduce kinking when routing; support faster deployment times; easy installation; extremely durable construction; and lower overall maintenance costs due to fewer replacement parts required for repair. The small diameter also allows them to fit into more compact spaces compared with conventional metal tubing options provided by competitors.

Open-pitch braided hoses –

Open-pitch braided hoses are designed to provide a high-pressure solution for tough industrial applications. Constructed from heavy-duty advanced synthetic core materials, these hoses offer superior chemical resistance and function at higher temperatures than rubber or PVC hoses. The open pitch design of the hose allows for minimal bends in the inner part of the hose, which significantly reduces turbulence and increases flow rate while maintaining maximum pressure ratings up to 5000 psi (345 bar). Open-pitch braided hoses also resist flex fatigue, making them reliable and durable even under extreme conditions. Its sturdy construction, dependable performance, and noise reduction make it an ideal choice for hydraulic operation systems in industries ranging from oil & gas to aerospace manufacturing.

Strip-wound hoses –

Strip-wound hoses are one of the most commonly used types of flexible conduit in industrial HVAC systems, piping, and ducting. They are made from stripped metal wounds in a spiral fashion to provide strong support and resistance to vibration, corrosion, abrasion, and extreme temperatures. The design also makes for an especially easy installation process; they can be quickly cut with tools such as a Dremel or aviation snips to meet the exact specifications needed for a given job. Additionally, strip-wound hoses come with various helpful accessories for safety and convenience, including strain reliefs, stainless steel bands or clamps, adapters and couplers. This makes them ideal for use in locations prone to moisture or corrosion where plastic-coated hoses may not be suitable.


In conclusion, choosing the right SS braided hose for your specific application requires understanding the various materials and designs available. Single-braided hoses are suitable for low-pressure applications, while double-braided hoses are good for high-pressure applications. Close-pitch braided hoses are ideal for hydraulic systems, and open-pitch braided hoses are best for high-flow rate applications. Strip-wound hoses are suitable for low-pressure applications. So, consult with professionals and consider your specific needs before buying an SS braided hose.