SS 446 Seamless Pipe

SS 446 Seamless pipe is a pipe without a weld joint and has uniform structure over the body. Due to this feature these pipes offer excellent strength to withstand high pressure and temperature conditions. It is a pipe that connected to other pipe without any joint. The seamless pipe is available in a diverse range of sizes, dimensions and specifications as per the industry requirements. SS 446 Seamless pipe is popularly used in the many industrial applications due to robust structure, excellent anti-corrosiveness, superior finish, higher durability and longer service life. These exceptional properties make these seamless pipes are widely reliable for the many engineering applications.  These seamless pipes are widely utilized to fabricate different pipe fittings such as elbows, bends and tees.  These pipe fittings perfectly fit in the many applications.

Features of SS 446 Seamless pipe:

SS 446 Seamless pipe has excellent chemical combination of ferritic stainless steel that offers exceptional strength and resistivity. This seamless pipe offers higher resistance to corrosion and high temperature oxidation in any corrosive conditions. These pipes are non-heat treatable. Due to higher chromium content SS 446 Seamless pipe offers excellent resistance and mechanical strength even in hostile conditions. The seamless pipe is easily welded using the traditional processes except oxyacetylene.  SS 446 Seamless pipe offer excellent resistivity to many acidic, alkalis and reducing media. Apart from this, this seamless pipes offer resistance to pitting, stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion.  SS 446 Seamless pipe are easily withstand in higher mechanical stress due to the exceptional chemical composition. This pipe possess higher operating pressure than other pipes. This pipe has many benefits such as low maintenance, higher durability, flexibility, and longer service life.  The excellent toughness of seamless pipes make it sustainable in harsh conditions.

Uses of SS 446 Seamless pipe:

SS 446 Seamless pipe is efficiently perform in higher pressure and temperature conditions. Due to this feature, this seamless pipe is widely reliable to use in the high pressure applications such as hydrocarbon industries, oil and gas processing, hydraulic cylinders, and refineries. Apart from this, SS 446 Seamless pipe is used in diverse industrial sectors such as petrochemical, chemical, power generation, automotive, mechanical industry, bearing and many more. Due to the cost effectiveness and easy installation, this seamless pipe has become an ideal choice for many industries. SS 446 Seamless pipe withstand its own weight and heavy load, so it is widely used in many commercial applications. These applications include, offshore rings, ship building, and pressure vessels.