wire mesh

A wire mesh is also known as a wire fabric or wire cloth is a widely used and versatile product with endless and numerous applications. Depending upon the requirements and utilities, a wire mesh can be produced in an infinite number of specifications. A mesh can be constructed via the welding or weaving method. Its primary purpose is to serve the applications that require a filtering device. For this specification, it is seen to be used in everyday appliances such as mosquito nets, animal fences, strainers, window nets, etc. Further complex applications of a wire mesh include gutter lids, ventilation guards, security mesh, machines, animal shelters, fireplace screens, and stairway panels.

Although there are numerous general-purpose applications of a SS Wire Mesh, one needs to know about the various types of mesh available in the market and how each one is different in terms of service, quality, and utility.

Given below are the three main types of wire mesh with their properties and applications:

  • Woven Wire Mesh:

A woven wire mesh is like a net with numerous tiny holes or openings. This type of wire mesh or a wire cloth is used in windows and doors as security and mosquito-repelling guards. A woven wire mesh used on a door or window not only permits a convenient flow of air but at the same time keeps bugs and insects at bay. Woven wire mesh can be spray painted to match the color of the doors and windows. Creative artwork can be done of the mesh to increase its visual beauty and appearance.

  • Welded wire mesh:

Welded wire mesh is a sturdier and stronger alternative to woven mesh. A welded mesh is ideal for heavy-duty applications and safety net applications such as security fencing. The wires in this mesh have been welded together to form a large perforated sheet. Welded wire mesh has a sturdy reinforced connection and is more reliable than woven mesh.

  • Knit Mesh:

Knit mesh is widely used for its creative and unique design. It is like a woolen knit piece of cloth but made out of steel or stainless steel. It is extremely sturdy and can be used to design hen coops, pig pens, garden fences, yards, etc. The structure of this mesh is mainly designed to keep livestock safe and prevent them from escaping out of farms. However, the knitting method remains the same as knitting cloth i.e., “crochet method”. Hence, one can find knit wire meshes in numerous shapes and designs.